New Meeting Times and Places

Just a quick update:

The Clemson group now meets at 10:30am.  Still the 1st Thursday and still at the Central Library.  We bumped it by 30 minutes so that a toddler program, Wiggles and Giggles, could meet before our group.  We are encouraged to join Wiggles and Giggles before babywearing.

The Greenville group now meets at noon.  Still the 2nd Thursday and still at Natural Baby.  We were sad to drop the evening group but attendance was low.  We hope that work-outside-the-home parents might still stop in on a lunch break.  Feel free to bring your lunch!

We have a new Spartanburg group meeting at 11am every 2nd Thursday at Labors of Love Birth Center.  You can find them on facebook as well. 

The Anderson group has not changed their meeting time. 

I am looking for volunteers to help with the Greenville group.  Contact me at j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net.


New Group Forming in Anderson

I’m thrilled to announce that we have a new group in Anderson.  This group will meet in the evenings–the last Tuesday of each month at 6pm.  They’ll be in the meeting room at the Anderson Library.  The first meeting is April 26th. 

Hope you can join in!

Our Final Resting Place?

The Greenville group has a new home.  And it feels like home.  I want to stay for awhile! 

From now on, we will be meeting at Natural Baby  in downtown Greenville.  The easiest way I can describe how to find it?  If you’re driving toward downtown Greenville on 385, you’ll see it on the left as soon as you pass Main St.  Our first meeting will be Dec. 9 at 6pm. 

I encourage you to get a sneak peek of our new home by coming into the store on Black Friday.  Natural Baby’s Grand Opening will be from 10am-6pm.  There will be giveaways and deals galore!  There is an area for children to play and a lounge in the back.   Pssst…Natural Baby sells Ergo, My BabyNest, and Maya slings.

We also have a new home on the web.  I have decided to dissolve the yahoo group and have created a fan page.  I hope that will be an easier way to communicate.  So go “like” us so you can keep up to date on meeting information and reminders.  You can also upload your babywearing pictures.

Nov/Dec Greenville Meetings

The ever-wonderful Earth Fare will host the Greenville Babywearing group for Nov. and Dec. We’ll meet the 2nd Thursday at 6pm in the community room at the front of the store.

And since Earth Fare is just generally fantastic…Thursdays are Family Dinner Night. Kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal! 

Healthy dinner cooked by someone else AND babywearing?  What could be better?

Babywearin’ Baby

A local mom shares how she introduced her toddler to babywearing.  Cross-posted from her blog.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a great love for babywearing. I started wearing Bella soon after she was born. I’ve used a sling, moby-like wrap that I made myself, and mei tais. The mei tai has been my favorite style of baby carrier because I’ve found it’s the easiest one to use when I want to wear Bella on my back.

After I got my first mei tai, I decided to try my hand at making one. Arran didn’t much like the flowery-ness of the mei tai he bought me as an anniversary gift. So, after I got my sewing machine I made him a nice, masculine Simpsons mei tai(he’s a huge Simpsons geek).

Then I promised my friend Carmen that I’d make her one for her new baby. Then I made a mini one for her daughter’s birthday because I figured that if she saw her mama wearing her baby sibling around, she’d want to mimic her. I know I wanted to mimic my mom all the time when I was little. Like that one time I put my plastic connecting thingies and wooden blocks on a cookie sheet and snuck them into the oven because I thought I was baking just like mommy was…

So! Now that the Hub and I have discussed the possibilities of a second kid, I decided to make another mini mei tai for Bella to try to introduce the idea of a little baby coming into our lives at some point in the future. And also to maybe instill in her an early appreciation for babywearing. Because it’s so wonderful.

She enjoyed carrying around her doll the first time I put it on her. The second time, not so much, but I think that was because she was in a bad mood to begin with. But I think she’ll begin to like the idea more and more. And maybe when that day comes when she finally becomes a big sister and sees mommy carrying around her little brother or sister, she’ll totally get it. 🙂