While we wear everywhere, we meet at two locations.

Greenville Group: meets the 2nd Saturday of each month from noon-1:30pm at Swamp Rabbit Cafe.  If you’re on a lunch break, feel free to bring your lunch and join us!

Clemson Group:  meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 10am-11:30pm at Pendleton Presbyterian Church.

Spartanburg Group meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 11am at Labors of Love Birth Center.

Always double-check the facebook groups.

What are Meetings Like? Good question. Sometimes, we have lots of new wearers who have come for specific help so we spend most of the meeting with hands-on instruction. Sometimes, we have veteran wearers who need some play time so we’ll let the tots run around and swap parenting stories. Children are always welcome. Daddies are welcome. Pregnant moms are welcome. We understand naps and busy schedules so if you’re an hour late or need to leave an hour early–that is ok! Our groups are typically loud and informal. You’ll see nursing moms and wild toddlers. What you will not find is judgement about parenting choices–that is absolutely banned from our meetings.

Who leads the meetings? Well, the group leads the meetings.  We have some amazing volunteers at each meeting.  You can send us a message through our facebook page.  We also welcome new groups.  If you’d like to fall under the Upstate Babywearers umbrella to help promote your babywearing group meetings, just let us know!

Can I buy or sell carriers?  You may post your gently used carriers to a specific FaceBook group Upstate SC Babywearing Swap.

What if I can’t attend many meetings but I want to stay informed?  We have a main FaceBook page, Upstate Babywearers.  Then, we have closed groups for each regional group:  Clemson, Spartanburg, and Greenville.   

Katy, Tracie, and Rashmi with Ergo carriers